The Great Benson Read-Away!

March 1, 2019

Do you hate having to deal with overdue library fines?


Here's a secret: I do too! 


I think that as a Youth Services Librarian, it's especially frustrating to have to turn away children from checking-out library materials because they weren't able to bring something back on time.


Children don't have jobs; yet we expect them to pay off these fines. These kids then have to badger their parents for money, the parents get mad, and it becomes a cycle where, eventually, they stop trying, and we lose future library users.


So starting today, we're trying out something new! May I present "The Great Benson Read-Away"!



Anyone (this applies to both adults and children!) who has library fines on their account is invited to visit the library during the first week of March and read their fines away!


How can you get in on all this reading goodness? First, let a librarian know that you're going to be reading as part of the Great Benson Read-Away event, and they'll have you sign-in. Then, find a cozy spot in the front lobby and read a book, magazine, or newspaper of your choice. When you're done reading, check back in with a librarian and they'll record your time.


If you read for a minimum of 20 minutes, we'll waive $1.00 in fines from your library account. Read for an entire hour, and we'll waive $3.00! How much time you decide to spend reading is up to you- just keep in mind that once all your fines are paid off, we cannot add a credit to your account for future fines.


Happy Reading!

Miss Becky

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